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The Cost of Bath -v- Shower

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There is a surprising difference in costs between taking a bath and taking a shower. If you pay water rates, you pay fixed charges as detailed below. The published figures are chargeable, regardless of how much water is actually used.

Type of premises




Single person household








Semi-detached houses and bungalows




Detached houses and Other household premises




However if you have a water meter fitted the cost is directly charged by the quantity of water drawn of to supply your property. There is also a cost for sewerage. This is not metered, but a simple additional cost per m³, as detailed below:

Water meter rates



Standing   Charge

Price   per m³

Standing   Charge

Fixed   charge

Price   per m³






The table above water costs £0.002458 per litre. This is the total cost of water drawn off and sewerage returned after use.

The average bath takes 150 litres to fill. A cubic meter of water contains 1000 litres. From the prices above the average bath contains 20 pence worth of water.

  • A five minute ‘high-flow’ shower uses approximately 90 litres of water which costs about 12 pence.
  • A five minute ‘standard’ shower uses approximately 50 litres of water which costs about 12 pence.

Now total costs for comparison are

Bath = 37 pence = £259.00 per year*

5 minute Shower high flow rate = 22 pence** = £154.00 per year*

5 minute Shower standard flow rate = 12 pence** = £84.00 per year*

* based on 2 instances per day for 350 days per year

**Note the shower flow rate is based on optimum 18 litres per minute. Many operate at approximately 10 litres per minute. This reduces the shower costs to 12 pence [7 pence for water and 6 pence for waste water to sewer]

Compare your costs and see if you are better off with a water meter.

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