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Save Money With Energy Efficient Curtains and Blinds

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Up to 80% of heat loss in a property can be through windows and doors. Thermally efficient curtains and blinds can have a huge effect on energy efficiency and temperature levels within your home. You could fit replacement windows or double glazing. However you have to decide what you can afford and what the cost benefit will be.

Thermally efficient curtains and blinds can add 10 – 15% to the cost of your curtains. However these will improve energy efficiency by up to 40%

Thermally efficient curtains contain the following layers

medium to heavy weight interlining.

Cotton/ wool material sandwiched between the front (face) fabric of your curtains and the lining fabric.

Thermal or blackout lining fabric

Thermal lining fabric has a thin, rubberised backing to reduce heat loss.

Blackout lining has an extra acrylic layer to prevent light passing through the fabric.

English Heritage found that heavy curtains reduced the heat loss by 41% (and lowered the u-value from 4.3 to 2.5). Secondary glazing to existing sash windows can cut u-values to 1.7

The following give details of cost savings upgrading from single to double glazing.

[Based on 4p per kWh using gas central heating]

House   Type

Window   area

1 Year saving

5 year saving

10 year   saving
















These results have been generated by the Glass and Glazing Federation Energy Saving Calculator.

The link below will enable you to check out the details for your home.


This will help you decide if energy savings from installing double glazing will help you pay for the cost of installation.

We can offer advice on fitting and supply of energy efficient curtains and blinds.

Contact us; we are here to help you.

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