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Save Gas by Boiler Optimising and Servicing

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We will match your boiler output to the size of your home. Many boilers use more gas to heat your home than is actually needed. Following boiler manufacturers guidance, we will match boiler output to your house size. Making your boiler cleaner, greener and saving you money!

Our boiler servicing will involve fully inspecting your boiler both inside and out. Some National Companies do the minimum to meet legal requirements. We are thorough, complete and check every part to ensure your peace of mind and safety. Our boiler servicing can take up to two hours to complete. We guarantee a first class service, our reputation depend on it.

SEDBUK was developed under the Government’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme with the co-operation of boiler manufacturers, and provides a basis for fair comparison of the energy performance of different boilers. The following link gives details of boiler efficiency.


There is also a cost calculator so you can check how much future gas prices will cost you.

We will balance your boiler output to supply heating to all radiators in the most efficient way. With the correct chemical inhibitor treatment, correct pump speed and radiator valve settings it is easily possible to improve boiler efficiency by up to 20%.

Central Heating system improvements and Control Upgrade

The addition of a filter within the central heating circuit can improve boiler efficiency by up to 6% [£60.00 per year for a three bedroom house]. This can also extend the lifespan of the boiler, pump and radiators by five or more years. This could save you an additional £500.00 based on the replacement cost of a new gas boiler, pump or radiators.

Your home will get warmer quicker and the temperature levels will be better matched to the needs of your home. You will be more comfortable and saving money!

A £150.00 spend could save you £800.00 over five years. A much better rate of return than any Bank or Building Society could offer.

We offer a range of radiator valve options that let you control each radiator by timer control. This can save up to 20% of boiler operation, without heat level reductions in the rooms in use during day and night. A £300.00 spend could save you £200.00 per year; making you £700.00 better off after 5 years.

Contact us for further details.

AIM – making your home warm and safe, without costing the earth


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