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Hard Water Treatment in Your Home

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Water softening tablets cost about 23 pence each. That is adding 23 pence to every load in your washing machine. Sadly these treatments do not protect your iron, kettle, hot water immersion heater or central heating boiler.

We can fit a scale inhibitor to your water supply. It is a fit-and-forget addition to your home that offers total protection for 5 years. No maintenance is needed and all water using appliances are protected.

The chemical treatment of your washing machine will cost £40.25 per year, and all other appliances are not protected. We can protect your whole water system for £80.00. After two years you have your money back in savings from buying chemicals. The added benefit of protecting the other appliances must be worth £25.00 to £50.00 per year.

This would make you at least £370.00 better off after 5 years.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a home visit.

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