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Cheap Lamps May Not Be So Cheap

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GU10 Halogen

The best energy saving measure is to switch it off. However we need lighting for modern living and safety reasons.

Commercial electricity costs between 8 pence and 11 pence per kilowatt hour [kWh]

Domestic electricity costs between 11 pence and 16 pence per kilowatt hour [kWh]


Looking at GU10 lamps the following cost comparisons can be made

Lamp   Purchase Cost Cost Wattage Cost per 100   hours
GU10 Halogen £0.70 50 £6.50
GU10 Compact   Flourescent £6.50 11 £1.43
GU 10 LED £12.00 7 £0.91
Lamp Running [cost per year] 3 hours per day 6 hours per day 9 hours per day
GU10 Halogen £7.12 £14.24 £21.35
GU10 Compact   Flourescent £1.57 £3.13 £4.70
GU 10 LED £1.00 £1.99 £2.99

GU10 lamps are very popular and can be a costly purchase if the running time in use is not taken into account.


Looking at the extreme case of nine hours use per day:

The GU10 halogen lamp costs 70 pence to purchase but £21.35 to run. Total annual cost £22.05

The GU10 LED costs £12.00 to purchase but just £2.99 to run. Total annual cost £14.99

The increased purchase cost per lamp gives a year end saving of £7.00 per lamp. After year 1 the saving increases to over £18.00 per year, per lamp as the purchase cost has been covered in year one.

There are many examples of inefficient lighting in daily use. Please contact us on 01782 504503 or 07901 380746 to discuss your requirements. You can also e-mail aim.home@gmx.com to ask any questions or arrange a free survey of your property.


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